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Best Boats Only is so much more than a company. Over the years it has become a way of life and a collection of unforgettable moments for us and our customers. We sell much more than luxury yachts – we sell dreams.

We started the business in 2005 and over the years carefully selecting the companies and people we work with. I think we have reached the best brands on the market and so now we cover the entire range of yachts.


Sanlorenzo is the world’s largest manufacturer of mega yachts. The four shipyards produce boats from 78 to 126 feet, which are made of fiberglass, 44 meters of aluminum and 52 to 70 meters of metal. All of them are individually made for each client by the best designers and architects in Italy. Owning a San Lorenzo yacht is a status symbol and a good investment that does not lose its relevance over time.


Bluegame is a subsidiary of Sanlorenzo, which, like the parent company, works with the best Italian designers, making the boat of their dreams individually for each client. The idea of this line of yachts is to get a kind of SUV for the sea with which you can feel safe at all times.

Pardo Yachts

Pardo yachts quickly conquered the market with their new motor line, individual ‘Made in Italy’ style and the combination of modern progressive design and new technological solutions.


Beneteau yachts is the world’s largest yacht manufacturer – covering the full range of small fishing boats, motor yachts and sailboats known for their quality around the world.


The Capelli brand produce more than 1,300 fiberglass and RIB boats a year. The combination of seaworthiness and luxury in performance makes these boats very popular.

Currently, the company has also produced the large RIB boat Capelli 50. To our delight, you can see the first four boats of this model during the season in our yacht club.


Technohull – a symbiosis between a sports boat and the highest level of luxury. This is an athlete in a tailcoat for alpha males who want to feel the thrill of high adrenaline levels caused by high speeds and pirouettes on the waves. The combination of speed and low fuel consumption makes them a champion in the length of the transition with a single charge, all models travel over 250 nautical miles.


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